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Conditions Treated

The aim at The South Coast Clinic is to  improve your quality of life through reduced pain,

increased mobility and health education.


Back Pain


According to the May 2009 report by The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NIHCE), lower back

pain effects up to 80% of the UK population at some point during their lifetime. A proportion of these people go on

to suffer chronic pain. Lower back pain is one of the most common causes of lost work days in the UK and the

associated cost is £3500 million annually.


The NIHCE report specifically recommends the use of spinal manipulation and manual therapy as a first line approach to the management of lower back pain. At Hook Chiro, we use a combination of manipulation, manual therapy, pelvic stabilising techniques, soft tissue work and dry needling to help our patents resolve their lower back pain. We are ideally positioned to address this problem.


Neck and Mid Back Pain


Sitting at a desk behind a PC is not what our bodies have evolved for. Unsurprisingly problems brought on by this activity are one of the major causes of presenting complaint at our practice. Time in long distance car travel can result in similar issues. We are constantly striving to help desk workers find ways in which they can help themselves with a combination of easy self help tips, changes to work station & driving set up, in addition to manipulation, soft tissue work, dry needling and rehabilitation exercises. Together we can give everyone the chance of having a pain free day in the office!


Headache and Migraine Prevention


Spinal dysfunction in the neck may cause headache and/or dizziness, when the nerves and muscles

become irritated. Chiropractors are ideally placed to be able to identify areas of irritation, releasing

muscle and joint tension to help assuage symptoms. This can be not only the result of bad posture as

psychological stress can be major factor in the development of headache or migraine.


Using combined treatments of spinal manipulation, dry needling and relaxation techniques, many of

our patients report that what they once considered to be a "normal headache" no longer bothers them.


Migraine headaches are complex and nearly always multi-factorial. Addressing dysfunction in the neck,

upper back and jaw can positively influence the onset of migraine. Relaxation of muscles is a key

factor, achieved by soft tissue work, massage or dry needling. Exploration of the various potential triggers

during treatment, whether they be hormonal, nutritional or emotional is often found useful by the migraine sufferer.


Lower Limb Pain


The nerves emanating from the lower back control the muscles, joints and ligaments of the lower limb, so it is initially important to identify whether pain is seated in the leg or being caused by the nerves. Problems in the leg can extend to hip osteoarthritis, knee osteoarthritis and many others. In either case, the chiropractors at Hook Chiro will identify the problem area and let you know the treatment options for you as an adjunct to core OA treatments and exercise. This could comprise manipulation, soft tissue work, dry needling and rehab exercises. Don't forget "..the knee bones connected to the hip bone.." so it may well be that the area that is painful is not the source of the problem Your chiropractor might find that your knee pain is caused by your foot or hip!



Upper Limb dysfunction and pain


The nerves in your neck control the muscles and joints in your upper limb. Assessment of complaints of pain in the upper limb starts with examination of the spine to establish whether the root of the problem is in the neck or the upper back. The range of problems arising from associated musculoskeletal conditions of the back and neck can extend to shoulder girdle pain (rotator cuff strain etc), adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder), tennis/golfers elbow, wrist problems and many more.


Chiropractors are trained to deal with joint problems in the spine and throughout the rest of the body including the extremities. Specific tests are performed for each joint to identify the issue and from there you will be advised as to what is the most appropriate course of treatment, be it manipulation, dry needling, massage or a combination of them all.


The Pelvic Girdle Partnership


Martin & Verity are delighted to have been accepted by the Pelvic Girdle Partnership. The Pelvic Girdle Partnership is a registered charity and as part of its recommendations for Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) and Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD), it specifically suggests physical therapy such as chiropractic. The techniques we use during pregnancy are very gentle and aimed at helping support the pelvis and the related structures such as the muscles and ligaments. Both Martin & Verity have done extensive post graduate training and all the techniques used for Mums-to-be are low force and pose no risk to mum or baby.


Many of our Mum's enjoy the benefit of chiropractic care in the post partum period and we are always

thrilled when we are given the opportunity to check new borns over too. But it's not just new borns that

get problems. We offer free family check ups for children of all ages.

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