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Our names are Martin and Verity Storr and we are a husband and wife chiropractic team with over 40 years of clinical experience between us. We have run successful clinics near Slough and subsequently from our home in Hampshire. A desire to be close to extended family and then lockdown 2020 finally triggered us to move to East Sussex.

Combining Martin’s previous service industry experience with Verity’s enthusiasm and sense of purpose, we aim to create a clinic in St Leonards that is respectful of individual needs and wants whilst opening up new opportunities for future wellbeing where possible.

We look forward to contributing to your ongoing healthcare, welcoming patients of all ages, from pregnant Mums and new-borns to athletes and senior citizens.

The central pillar of our clinical method is known as Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT) which both assists with diagnosis and offers traditional chiropractic manipulation combined with minor gentle adjustments to the cranium (skull bones). It can be very powerful in all age groups. We will also consider your nutritional status where necessary, your pelvic and trunk “core” musculature and any need for rehabilitation or ongoing preventative exercise. 

The main focus will be made on agreed priorities, informed by clinical experience and continuing attention to the development of our varied professional skill set (see below). There is no “one solution fits all” approach and we treat every individual in a way that reflects and nourishes their unique being.

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