Loose fitting clothes are fine. We will ask you to perform a series of range of movement tests and postures and its best not to feel too constricted.

We do not ask patients to get undressed as a matter of course, however in some instances we may need to expose an area of skin to examine and treat it more effectively. In these instances, female patients will be offered a gown to wear.

When you hear a click, this is called a chiropractic adjustment. It is simply the release of gas from the joint when pressure is released (it a similar effect to the pop when when you open a bottle of champagne).

Contrary to popular opinion, spinal manipulation is generally comfortable. Where there is inflammation, there may be some tenderness following treatment. This usually lasts less than 24 hours. Tolerance to adjustment is individual and chiropractors will always strive to work within the limitations set by their patients. Your chiropractor will advise you of ways to reduce the inflammatory reaction after your treatment.

As we said above, we always strive to work within the limitations set by our patients. There are lots of different ways to release joint and muscle tension so if you have concerns about being adjusted just talk to your chiropractor and they will be happy to adapt treatment to suit your individual needs.

There is no such thing as ‘too young’ or ‘too old’. At the moment, our youngest patient has been only a few hours old and our current oldest patient is in their ninetieth decade.

Yes! In fact many Mum’s to be come to us during pregnancy to get help with a diverse range of problems such as pelvic girdle pain, symphysis pubis pain, upper back pain, headaches and many more. The treatment that we use in pregnancy is very gentle and is aimed at supporting the ligaments and muscles of the pelvis to help give Mums a fit and healthy pregnancy.

As part of the chiropractic degree program, chiropractors are fully qualified to take and read x-rays. We do not have onsite x-ray facilities at The South Coast Clinic, so if we feel x-rays are necessary, you will be referred either to your GP or privately. If you have already had x-rays/MRI’s taken, please bring them along to your first appointment.

The first appointment is 50 minutes and subsequent appointments are 20 minutes.

We are happy to accept cash and most credit/debit cards. Or you can pay online at the time of booking.

The Chiropractic Act was passed in 1994 and as such we have to adhere to a strict Code of Practice and Standards of Proficiency. These have been set by the General Chiropractic Council, which is the governing body of the profession. Details of the CoP and SoP can be found on the GCC website. (gcc-uk.org)

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