Members of the Pelvic Girdle Partnership

The Pelvic Girdle Partnership

At The South Coast Clinic, we are proud to be on the recommended practitioners list in the treatment and management of Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP). The Pelvic Girdle Partnership is a charitable organisation set up to help pre and postnatal Mums suffering from often debilitating symptoms of PGP.

PGP is a common complaint for many Mums to be and can occur at any stage in pregnancy. It is characterised by pain in the pelvic girdle, either in the lower back area or at the front, in the pubic bone. It is frequently tiggered by pregnancy due to the increase in specific hormones during pregnancy, increased load and the altered weight bearing patterns that Mums often adopt. All of these factors lead to mechanical changes in the joints around the pelvis and lower back.


There is a common misconception that pain will automatically resolve after delivery. However this is not always the case and we are more and more frequently being approached by Mums that are still struggling more than six months postnatal.

Unfortunately, Mumstobe are often told there is nothing that can be done and that bed rest/crutches are the only solution. The good news is that there is an effective and safe alternative….hands on, manual therapy”. And that’s where we come in!

Both Martin and Verity have taken part in numerous pregnancy and postnatal courses over the years and between them have helped many Mum’s-to-be have a painfree and active pregnancy. Martin treated Verity throughout her own pregnancy and at 38 weeks she felt strong enough to climb a (pretty big) hill in the North Downs.

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If you are suffering during your pregnancy or after having had your little one, please get in touch as we may be able to help you get back to feeling yourself again.

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If you’re uncertain which treatment is right for you, please provide us with more details and we will get back in touch with the best approach for your needs. 

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