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A friendly husband and wife team with over 40 years of combined clinical experience.

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Martin and Verity Storr are an experienced husband and wife team who between them have over 40 years of clinical experience. Together they have run a successful clinic near Slough and subsequently from their home in Hampshire. A desire to be close to extended family and then lockdown 2020 finally triggered a move to East Sussex.

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A chiropractic treatment is suitable for people of all ages and everyone is welcome.


It’s a bumpy journey from birth to adulthood. We can help keep your child on track.

Pregnant ladies

We are fully trained in the treatment of pregnant and postnatal women, including pelvic girdle pain and rehabilitation.

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Muscles, joints and organs of the human body are controlled by the brain via the nervous system, all of which is encased and protected by the spine and cranium (skull bones). Interference to the nervous system leads to dysfunction of muscles, joints and organs. This can cause pain and if uncorrected, ill-health.

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If you’re uncertain which treatment is right for you, please provide us with more details and we will get back in touch with the best approach for your needs. 

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